BlueHair Media’s Glass Channel

Ethics of Operation


BlueHair Media's Glass Channel Ethics of Operation

With regards to our operations, BlueHair Media has a simple code of ethics we abide by to keep things professional and fair.

The BlueHair Media Glass Channel works similarly as a newspaper or tv news channel.  We cover events and operate on ethics similarly as a news media outlet does... Like a news media operation we do not pay anyone for access to events and we do not take trade or money in return for covering an event.  If an event is deemed to have news worthy content for our channel, we ask for access to said event and we produce a short story or stories from that event.  The stories are then shared on our BlueHair Media Glass Channel where anyone can grab the video and share it.  The event itself benefits from us being there, reporting on it and broadcasting it to our audience because we are obviously helping to create awareness.  If we are not welcomed or invited into an event, we simply do not produce anything from said event.

In order to offset our costs for travel, lodging, production, post production and general maintenance we sell underwriting/sponsorships. An underwriter/sponsor receives compensation usually in the form of a banner ad that will appear typically at the beginning and end of a video which it is sponsoring.  A deal memo agreement is usually signed by all parties involved.  Underwriters/sponsors benefit because they are not only supporting a product they believe in but their banners are seen by our ever growing audience which helps to create product awareness for said underwriter/sponsor. 

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